Solid Resilient Skid Steer Tyres & Rims

Skid steer tyres are a solid resilient tyre for machines like miniloaders (also known as skid-steers or bobcats), used mainly in construction sites and road works. Skid steer tyres are also used in recycling materials sites (such as iron, steel, glass and wood) or in waste recycling yards.

Skid steer provides a good compromise between high-quality compounds and cost effectiveness. This is a pragmatic solution for landscaping, construction, demolition, mining and utility industries, where frequent pneumatics punctures and machine stresses result in machine downtimes.

The solid skid steer tyre, features innovative design with its deep tread pattern groove for aggressive traction, stone ejector technology, terraces with self-cleaning technology, better slip resistance, directional tyres, and a heavy duty wheel that makes this assembly the right choice.

The switch from the traditional skid steer pneumatics to the solid resilient tyre is easy thanks to our specifically designed rims which bolt straight onto the existing hubs without any modification.

Major features:

  • Innovative design
  • Advanced traction
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Stone ejectors
  • High quality compounds
  • Directional tyre (left and right labelled versions)
  • Fast assembling tyre
  • Quick mounting solution

Solid Resilient Skidsteer
F P U pattern