Industrial Tyres Pricing Guide

Forklift tyre prices and cost factors

At Axis Industrial Tyres, we supply our customers with high-quality forklift and industrial tyres at competitive prices.

Using high-quality forklift tyres that are matched to the needs of your business and industry has the potential to drastically improve machine performance and efficiency for your business.

Forklift and industrial tyres pricing

There are a number of different factors which impact on industrial and forklift tyre prices, including the type and quality of the tyres and the location of the customer.

Please see our industrial tyres pricing information below for more details:

Tyre type Per tyre prices starting from:
solid-resilient-forklift-tyres-iconSolid resilient forklift tyres $140
non-marking-forklift-tyres-iconNon-marking forklift tyres $98
cushion-press-on-forklift-tyres-iconCushion press-on forklift tyres $95
pneumatic-forklift-tyres-iconPneumatic forklift tyres $65
pneumatic-skid-steer-tyres-iconPneumatic skid steer tyres $180
solid-skid-steer-tyres-iconSolid skid steer tyres $450

Please Note: these prices are estimates only and tyres pricing is impacted by a range of factors. For industrial tyres pricing for your order, please get in touch with the team at Axis.

We also have a range of speciality tyres and tyres designed to work in particular industries, such as mining and construction. For specific pricing information for these tyres or any other queries, please contact us.

Axis Industrial Tyres

The team at Axis are experts in tyres for all industries. We can recommend and deliver tyres to suit the needs of your business and industry.

Not only that but we also offer discounts for bulk orders of more than 12 tyres. Get in touch with our team for details.

For more information about forklift tyre prices or to get a quote for your order, call Axis on 1300 551 001.