Pneumatic Forklift Tyres

Axis pneumatic range has been developed for heavy duty use on forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles. This line offers customers an additional range of tyres besides solid rubber and polyurethane products. All the tyres have a lug type tread pattern which provides optimal grip and traction in every condition. The cross-ply or diagonal structure further insures high stability and maximum safety. The casing is of high tensile strength cord which offers good resistance to fatigue and improves comfort.

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 Pneumatic Forklift Tyres Examples

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  • Designed for heavy duty use in all applications
  • Premium tread compound for maximum tyre life and wear resistance
  • Extra wide tread for increased stability and traction
  • Reinforced side wall for improved protection against side impacts
  • Reinforced bead area that protects the wheel flanges
  • Excellent ride quality

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Michelin Pneumatic Forklift Tyre

Introducing the XZM from Michelin, the world leader in radial forklift tyre technology


Reduced operating cost

  • The operating cost of a list truck reduces significantly with an XZM radial tyre that has a life at least twice that of a pneumatic shaped solid in the same operating conditions
  • The XZM will always retain the same LONG LIFE ADVANTAGE irrespective of the types of surface it operates on
  • Energy consumption is reduced due to the lower internal losses within the tyre


Productivity gains and improved safety

  • The robustness of the crown, sidewalls and the well defined sturdy tread blocks result in a superb resistance to ruptures and damage and guarantee less downtime for the machine
  • Radial technology contributes to reduced cycle times as a result of better grip
  • The specialized rubber types for this application allow travel distances up to 15 km in an hour with a peak speed of 35 km/h even with a very robust construction



  • The radial structure absorbs surface irregularities, ensures good protection both for the machine and goods being carried and provides better comfort for the operator.

tyre pdf Click here to view or download the range of Michelin XZM Radial Forklift tyre sizes available from Axis Tyres