Forklift Tyres for Retail and Small Business

Retail forklift tyres

Keep your storeroom neat and your stock easy to access.

Retail outlets and small businesses often require the use of forklifts for use in storerooms and stock management.

Typically, the forklifts used in these workplaces are capable of manoeuvring in tight spaces while also carrying heavy loads.

It’s essential that you use right kinds of forklifts tyres to match the needs of retail and small business settings so that you can get the most out of your forklifts.

Forklifts for retail and small businesses

Battery electric forklift truck

Battery electric forklifts

The tight spaces of retail and small business environments often require compact forklifts that can be used in small spaces.

Battery electric forklifts are well suited to use in enclosed spaces due to their manoeuvrability and compact design.

High reach forklift truck

High reach forklifts

Medium and high racking of stock is often essential in small business environments where space is limited.

High reach forklifts allow you to keep your stock organised and easily accessible with high storage, while still being able to operate is tight spaces.

Three wheel forklift truck

Three wheel forklifts

Three wheel forklifts offer excellent manoeuvrability is tight spaces, allowing you store your stock effectively in even the smallest of storerooms.

Forklift tyres for retail and small business

Cushion forklift tyres

Cushion forklift tyres for retail

Cushion forklift tyres are composed of solid rubber that is fitted around a metal band. They are ideal for use indoors, on smooth surfaces.

The solid construction allows for a compact design and greater load carrying capacity.

View our cushion forklift tyres for small business.

Solid forklift tyres

Solid resilient forklift tyres for small business

Solid resilient forklift tyres are robust and puncture proof. They are a maintenance free option and offer excellent performance and lifespan.

They are also highly shock absorbent for improved driver comfort.

View our solid resilient forklift tyres for retail.

Non-marking forklift tyres

Non-marking forklift tyres for retail

In some scenarios, it may be necessary for retail and small business environments to use non-marking tyres.

They have the same properties as solid resilient tyres but are suited to environments where the stock is sensitive to dust, such as food goods and electronics.

View our non-marking forklift tyres for small business.

Choose the right forklift tyres for retail

Optimising your forklift tyres can improve the way you use your forklifts and reduce your costs. Every industry has different challenges and requires different features from your forklifts. Make sure your tyres are matched to the specific needs of your business and industry.

The right forklift tyres can:

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce forklift downtime.
  • Improve the lifespan of your tyres.