Forklift Tyres for Mining

Tyres for mining vehicles

Tyres for the harshest industrial applications

Mining operations require the large-scale use of vehicles and machinery. Mining vehicles are the largest industrial vehicles commonly in use in Australia and they require enormous tyres to match.

Tyres for mining vehicles are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and usage of any industry.

Vehicles used in mining

Mining requires moving huge amounts of earth and other materials. The vehicles used in this industry are therefore designed to complete very specific tasks. Vehicles commonly used in mining include:

  • Loaders
  • Dozers
  • Mining trucks

The vehicles used in mining are purpose built for the specialist needs of the industry.

Industrial tyres for mining

In order to meet the needs of Australian mines, industrial mining tyres must be purpose built for use in harsh condition. Tyres commonly used in mining operations include:

One of the leading tyre brands of mining tyres is the BKT Earthmax range. They provide excellent durability and traction in off-road condition, making them ideal for mining. Another leading brand is TY Cushion Tire, the side-wall aperture tyre structure is commonly used for mining loaders.

Get the right tyres for the job

High-quality industrial tyres are essential for the mining industry. The harshest conditions require the most robust tyres, so the right tyres from the right manufacturer can make a huge difference to your operation.