Forklift Tyres for Factories

Forklift tyres for factories

Choose the Right Warehouse Forklift Tyres for Increased Safety and Efficiency

Manufacturing sites and factories have particular qualities that suit certain forklift types. They require forklift features to allow reach to high products, to stack products on racks and to move pallets.

Over the years, forklift design has evolved to cater for precisely these situations commonly found in factories and warehouses.

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Some of the most common forklift types suited for use in warehouses are:

Battery electric forklift truck

Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

The simplest form of forklift and the most popular, counterbalance forklifts are used in warehouses to move loads from ground level or racks.

They do not have any reach feature, but are straightforward to use and with their counterbalance weight design, they are stable and reliable factory staples.

Three wheel forklift truck

3 Wheel Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

For extra manoeuvrability in tight warehouse spaces, three wheel counterbalance forklift trucks are excellent, with their single back wheel allowing greater freedom of movement.

Much like the four wheel trucks, the three wheel varieties also use a counterbalance feature to offset load weight.

High reach forklift truck

Reach Trucks

The name of these trucks gives away their usefulness in factories and warehouses; they are made to reach high racks of products, with the ability to lift to heights of 10 metres or more.

As well as this feature they are stable and suited for working in small spaces such as warehouse aisles.

Powred pallet trucks

Powered Pallet Jacks

Similar in function to hand pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks lift and move loads with the help of an electric motor. A ‘paddle’ control determines forward or reverse movement, and a button raises or lowers the forks.

These forklifts are suited to smooth and level grounds of warehouses.


These forklifts work by lifting loads sideways to the operator and are useful for wide loads that would usually be problematic for counterbalance forklifts due to the unstable distribution of load weight.

Sideloaders are therefore best suited to moving timber, piping and sheets of material.

Teletruck forklift


Teletrucks have a very specific purpose in warehouses and factories. They offer unparalleled access to delivery wagons, with the ability to reach both sides from a single point.

These forklift trucks can aid efficiency, although they are more expensive to buy than regular counterbalance forklifts.

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The best forklift tyres for warehouses

Cushion forklift tyres

Cushion forklift tyres for factories

Cushion forklift tyres for factories are made of solid rubber and are fitted around a metal band.

They are best suited for smooth surface applications such as indoors and on loading docks.

They offer high stability and greater load capacity on smaller dimensions.

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Pneumatic forklift tyres

Pneumatic forklift tyres for factories

Pneumatic forklift tyres are similar to a car or truck tyre and offer high performance and versatility.

Pneumatic tyres provide strong grip on uneven surfaces and rough terrain and are well suited to outdoor applications.

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Solid forklift tyres for factories

Solid resilient forklift tyres provide higher load carrying capacities with reduced rolling resistance.

This increases tyre performance and lifespan and decreases downtime associated with tyre replacement.

Solid resilient forklift tyres are also puncture proof and shock absorbent for improved driver comfort.

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Non-marking forklift tyres

Non-marking tyres for logistics

Non-marking forklift tyres are created for warehouses and factories in dust-sensitive applications, such as for groceries and food preparation.

They have all the characteristics of solid resilient and are designed for minimum floor marking.

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Polyurethane forklift tyres

Polyurethane press on tyres for factories

These forklift tyres are perfect for warehouses where there are high and low temperatures, explosion proof areas and strictly controlled hygiene zones.

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Benefits of choosing the right forklift tyre for warehouses and factories

It is important to get the right advice on the best forklift tyres for factories and warehouses. Different tyres have specific features for particular environments. There is no point buying a more expensive tyre than you need, or one that is not best suited to the job at hand.

Benefits of a good forklift tyre fit include:

  • Forklift use and manoeuvring is easier and more efficient
  • Improved tyre lifespan, reducing your tyre costs
  • Reduced forklift downtime