Forklift Tyres for Universities and Defence Force

Defence Force forklift tyres

Versatile tyres for a range of different tasks

Large campuses such as universities, TAFEs, and defence force barracks frequently require forklifts for a variety of different tasks.

Due to the varied nature of the tasks these forklifts must perform, forklift tyres for defence force barracks and university campuses must also be suitable for a range of different applications.

Forklifts used on barracks and campuses

University campuses and defence force barracks may require the use of forklifts in warehouses and storerooms, on loading bays, and outdoor applications. This means that the forklifts must be versatile and able to operate in a variety of different circumstances.

Some of these forklifts include:

Battery electric forklift truck

Counterbalance forklifts

High reach forklift truck

High reach forklifts

Powred pallet trucks

Electric and manual pallet jacks

Due to their versatility, counterbalance forklifts are typically the most common choice when forklifts will be used for a variety of different applications.

Forklift tyres for universities and defence force barracks

Forklift tyres for defence force barracks and universities usually need to be suitable for different applications. Tyres that are suitable for different tasks include:

Get the right forklift tyres for defence force and university campuses

Ensuring that your forklift tyres are well suited to the job you need them to do is an essential part of using your vehicles effectively and efficiently. This is true whether you need forklift tyres for universities, defence forces barracks, or any other industry.