Forklift Tyres for Construction

Forklift tyres for construction

Get the right tyres to keep up with your machinery

The construction industry requires some of the largest and most robust machinery and vehicles available.

The tyres for forklifts and other vehicles used in construction must also be robust enough to stand up to the rigours of construction work.

Forklift tyres for construction

Forklift tyres used in construction need to be robust enough to handle uneven and often unpaved working surfaces as well as potential debris and puncture hazards. The tyres commonly used in construction include:

Construction tyres are often pneumatic, but solid tyres are also used in certain circumstances.

Get the right tyres for the job

Ensuring you have the right tyres for the job will improve efficiency and reduce vehicle downtime caused by avoidable punctures. Using the right tyres for the job will also enable you to maximise their lifespan and reduce your tyre costs.