Forklift Tyres for Automotive Industries

Get the right forklift tyres for automotive workshops.

Automotive workshops and related industries require the use of forklifts to move heavy and valuable parts and equipment. Whether it’s an engine, tyres, or other machinery, workshops need reliable forklifts on a regular basis.

Forklift tyres for workshops need to provide excellent durability and stability in order to keep up with the demands of these workplaces.

Forklifts used in automotive industries

The forklifts used in automotive industries need to be robust enough to lift and carry heavy equipment while still being compact enough to move and around in tight spaces. They also need to operate with total precision to prevent possible damage to expensive equipment.

Forklifts used in automotive industries include:

Battery electric forklift truck

Counterbalance forklifts

Powred pallet trucks

Electric and manual pallet jacks

High reach forklift truck

High reach forklifts

The most common type of forklift used in automotive workshops is the standard counterbalance forklift. They are used in many different industries because of their versatility and compact design.

Forklift tyres for automotive industries

Using the right type of forklift tyres for workshops and automotive industries will ensure that you get the best use out of your forklifts. Forklift tyres for workshops and automotive industries include:

Get the right tyres for the job

Whatever industry your business is in, using tyres that are suited to the specific need of your business will prolong the life of your tyres so that you get the most for your money.