Forklift Tyres

Axis Tyres have a huge range of forklift tyres and we can supply any location in Australia. We are confident we have forklift tyres to suit your equipment and budget. Whether you are looking for solid tyres, pneumatic tyres, black or non-marking tyres, whatever the application, Axis Tyres can meet your needs.

Forklift Tyres for Your Industry & Your Application

Choosing the Right Forklift Tyre. 

Just about all forklift tyres fit all types of forklift. However, not all types of forklift tyres are ideal for different indoor and outdoor applications. So when you’re choosing a forklift tyre, you don’t necessarily have to think about what brand of forklift you are using, but rather what environment you are going to be using it in.

  • Cushion Forklift Tyres are a type of press on tyre, ideal for non-harsh indoor use e.g. warehouse environments with smooth, concrete flooring. They are ideally designed for internal cushion tyres forklifts that carry high loads. However, cushion tyres are produced in different compounds to suit different applications.
  • Solid Forklift Tyres – also known as resilient tyres – are not filled with air, making them longer lasting & immune to puncture. Despite their solidity, they are not suitable for harsh outdoor applications. Solid tyres are recommended for use indoors or for even & level outdoor applications.
  • Pneumatic Forklift Tyres are available in both bias ply construction and steel radial construction. Before choosing between these, it is important to consider your individual application.
  • Bias Ply Pneumatic Forklift Tyres generally require an operating air pressure (minimum) of 100 PSI, providing excellent stability and good sidewall damage resistance. This makes them suitable for more harsh applications, such as in environments with harsh or uneven ground.
  • Steel Radial Construction Pneumatic Tyres require an operating pressure of 145 PSI to optimise performance. Though they are suitable for harsher industry applications, their stability can suffer when lifting high loads. The robustness of the crown, sidewalls & the well-defined sturdy tread blocks of this tyre type results in a superb resistance to ruptures & damage, with less downtime guaranteed for the machine.

As a result of better grip, radial tyre technology contributes to reduced cycle times. The specialised rubber types for this application allow travel speeds of 15km/h with a peak speed of 35km/h – even with a very robust construction. Ideal for forklift applications.

Radial tyre structure also absorbs surface irregularities – bumps, debris etc. – ensuring good surface protection both for the machine and for the goods being carried. The forklift operator will also experience better control of the machine with the use of this tyre type.

Image: Numa solid resilient forklift tyres.

Image: Kumaneko white non-marking forklift tyres.

Kumaneko Forklift Tyre

Image: Talon solid industrial forklift tyres.

Durable tyres. Dependable service. Discernable savings.

Forklift running on flats? Our dedicated service staff will steer you in the right direction – no matter what your equipment and budget is.

Ask anyone who’s seen our on-road fitters at work. They can replace a full tyre set within 30 minutes of arriving. Or ask anyone who’s ordered our tyres direct. Our extensive distribution network means we can ship your order within 24 hours, nationwide. Either way, choosing Axis means minimal downtime, putting money back in your pocket. That’s why we’re the supplier of choice for forklift tyres in Melbourne, Sydney and Albury.

So whether you’re looking for solid or pneumatic, black or non-marking, our combined 80+ years’ experience means we’ll find your perfect fit.