What are non-marking forklift tyres?

Non-marking tyres are made to eliminate black marks on the floors. Grocery or food processing plants are required to use them. Non-marking tyres are available in both solid, pneumatic, and cushion. The colors of the tyres may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but most are Grey or white.

When do I replace a cushion tyre?

Most cushion tyres will have a safety bar on the sidewall to show when they will need replacing. A general rule of thumb for all others is to replace when the wear reaches the top of the imprint of the size of the tyre. The reason being is that once the tread reaches that point, 50 percent of the carrying capacity is lost. For cushion trucks, the tyre is the only shock absorber on the truck. For solid pneumatic tyres, that is when all the tread is gone and the tyres are completely smooth.

When should I use pneumatic tyres?

Pneumatic tyres are recommended for applications where the surface is uneven & traction with a solid tyre becomes an issue. Pneumatic tyres are also used in applications where fragile loads are being transported as the pneumatic tyre offers unsurpassed flex & bounce compared to a solid.

How long will a solid forklift tyre last?

Most solid tyres will outlast an air tyre anywhere from 2 or 3 sets of air tyres to 1 set of solid tyres.

Why did the rims crack on my forklift?

This is a very common issue with steer wheels on counter-balance forklifts. Normally the reason for rims cracking is down to not changing the tyres in time. Once the tyre is worn down below the recommended 60J line the carrying capacity of the tyre is almost halved & there is no longer enough rubber on the tyre to absorb the shock and it is then transferred direct to the rim causing it to crack. Uneven surfaces can also contribute to cracked rims.

Can I put a solid tyre on a pneumatic tyre truck?

If you have split wheel that bolts together or lock-ring type wheels, you can normally replace the air filled tyre with a resilient solid tyre without the need to change your wheels.

What is foam fill tyre?

The foam fill is a liquid polyurethane material that is pumped into a tubeless or tube type tyre. The foam fill is a two-part material consisting of an A-side and B-side. When the two sides are pumped into the tyre, the material mixes and cures out for 24-48 hours depending on the outdoor temperature. The material replaces all the air in the tyre resulting in a puncture proof tyre with the same ride characteristics as a pneumatic tyre.

What caused the tyre failure?

If there is an actual manufacturing defect with the tyre, most problems will occur within the first 45 days of purchase. Problems that occur in longer periods of time are normally due to equipment misuse. Most problems include rapid starts and stops of the forklift, shoving material instead of picking it up, or overloading, and long runs with the wrong compound of tyres, and throwing the transmission into forward and reverse before stopping the lift.

Can I get finance from Axis Tyres?

Unfortunately Axis Tyres do not supply finance for equipment or vehicles. Please follow these links for vehicle loans and specialised equipment loans.

How do I get more traction in a freezer application?

Wet grip tyres can be fitted to your forklift to increase traction.

What is a mobile tyre press?

A mobile tyre press is a tyre press that is mounted on a truck or trailer, which can then come to your location and fit a full range of forklift tyres on the spot.