Agricultural Tyres

Axis Tyres Wodonga also supplies and services agricultural tyres.  We are the local agent for BKT off highway tyres.  Agricultural tyres to suit tractors, harvesting equipment, implements, hay equipment, forestry, Telehandlers, back hoes, ride on lawn mowers and Quad Bikes.  BKT and Axis have your off road requirements covered with a range of bias ply and radial tyres that is so comprehensive it’s hard to match.  If you have 1 acre or 600 acres, one tractor or 10 be sure to talk to us before making your next tyre purchase.

For more information and to source your next set of agricultural tyres, contact Axis today on 1300 859 746. Our on-road fitters will come to you, replacing your tyres in record time, to have you back up and rolling sooner.

Tractor & Harvester Tyres

If you’re in the market for agricultural tyres for your tractor, harvester or other farming machinery, you can rely on Axis’ expert assistance to get you moving.

We cater for various forms of farm machinery across the agriculture board, stocking an extensive range of tyres to fulfil your requirements. Types of agricultural tyres and their benefits include:

Bias Tyres

Body ply is extended diagonally underneath the tread, at opposing angles, creating a crisscross pattern. Bias tyres offer the following advantages:

  • Flexible body
  • Smooth ride over rough terrain
  • Less expensive than their radial counterpart

There are many different tyre styles to choose from under the radial or bias umbrella, with various options depending on your application. If you’re looking for tractor tyres, for example, you will need to consider wet or dry field operations, time spent on the road, and other factors.

Radial Tyres

With a separately functioning side wall and tread, the radial tyre allows more machine-to-ground power, as well as:

  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Better steering control
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Longer lasting tread